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The booklet we create for your business will have an immediate impact on your customers. It will have your branding and will be aligned with your objectives and target audience. Most importantly, it will be stunning and highly engaging, compelling readers to turn the page to see what's next.

Booklet design in Auckland and everywhere else in New Zealand

Booklets can be a powerful marketing tool. They can present considerable amounts of information, and they can showcase the quality, elegance, authority, and sophistication of your brand and products. At White Rabbit, our booklet design services help our clients in Auckland, and New Zealand wide, make closer connections with their customers.

We also design and print a range of other booklet types here at White Rabbit. This includes annual general reports, company profiles, business plans, information booklets, catalogues, and much more. Plus, you can order whatever booklet design services you need online, or you can get in touch to speak to a member of our team.


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Design services for all booklet types

If you need a document professionally designed and printed, we can deliver on your requirements. We specialise in printing on high-quality, premium satin matte paper.

Our expert graphic designers will work with you to ensure the booklet we produce matches your requirements. Together we will create a design that resonates with your customers, presents complex information in a simple way, and sells your product or service. We’ll also make sure your booklet has visual impact, both in terms of the design we create and the type and quality of material that we use to print it on.

Our process starts with you getting in touch with a member of our team. We’ll discuss your booklet requirements, and can send you a free, no-obligation quote. Please call or fill out our contact form today.

Our booklet design process

  • We’ll begin by gathering the materials you want in the booklet, including text, branding, and images. We’ll also learn more about your brand, products/services, and target audience, as well as what you want to achieve with the booklet.

  • Our designers will use the information you provide to develop a concept for your booklet. We focus on how to present the booklet’s information,  your brand, and your message. Design is done in the most striking way possible while ensuring the booklet delivers on your objectives.

  • After getting feedback on the concept we create, we’ll implement any required changes and send you the finalised design for your approval. Once you give us the green light, we’ll prepare the booklet for printing.

  • Our highly experienced team will oversee the print run of your booklet. We also use the latest printing technologies and the best materials, ensuring a stunning result. Once printed, we’ll deliver the booklets to your location in NZ. Delivery is free.

Benefits of Booklets in Sales and Marketing

Booklets are important for business as they can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, plus they can also have a range of other functions. Here are the main benefits of using booklets as part of your marketing strategy:


Booklets are a highly cost-effective marketing material as you can include multiple messages. You can also use them in a range of different situations and for a variety of purposes. This includes introducing your products or services to potential customers, upselling to existing customers, and more.


This is one of the key benefits of a booklet. With great design and visuals and engaging information, booklets can be page-turners that people view right to the last page before starting again.


Booklets can give your clients a sense of what you do, how you communicate, and what sets you apart from the crowd.


Tradeshow attendees get a lot of information and promotional material, so a well-designed booklet can make your brand, products, and/or services stand out from the rest.


Booklets have multiple pages, so you can compile a lot of information into one easy product that your client can refer to.


Booklets maximise the visual impact of large-scale images, with the option of including them on a single page or on a double-page spread.


Use booklets to encourage customers to seek you out to fill their desires and aspirations. Whether it’s products or services, booklets have a unique ability to inspire.


Booklets showcase your professionalism, style, and commitment to quality. They also show you are willing to invest in your customers and your brand.


Booklets can be handed out at events and tradeshows, sent in the post, emailed as a PDF, used during sales meetings, etc. Their versatility makes them a useful marketing tool.


This is one of the hidden benefits of booklets, but it can be very significant. If your booklet stands out with a stunning design and great information, you will find it is passed from person to person, extending the reach of your brand.

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Tip-hop tips for effective marketing booklets

Use AIDA as a guide for creating your marketing booklet. AIDA means create Awareness, spark Interest, generate Desire, and encourage Action.

The design of your booklet should focus on the perspective of your customer. So, don’t talk about you, your brand, or your products. Instead, talk about your customer, focusing on how your brand and products can benefit them.

A captivating front cover is essential if you want to get people interested in your booklet. So, make yours as stunning and engaging as possible.

Every page in your booklet needs to be attention-grabbing and visually appealing. A good approach to remember is to create the booklet that makes people feel it is worth holding onto.

Ensure key messages stand out on the page. This will prevent them from being missed, and it will help to keep readers of your booklet engaged for longer.

Readability is important, too, so make the text sections as easy to read as possible. This includes using bullet points, short paragraphs, everyday language, etc.

Use text to get your message across, but don’t fill the pages of your booklet with text. You booklet will have greater impact with text that complements the beautiful imagery, uncluttered layout, and attractive design.

The images used in your booklet should be high-quality so they look sharp, crisp, and clear when printed. Our designers can give you advice on the best image resolutions to provide.

Use the space available in your booklet for creativity. If there is one thing that is not lacking when you create a marketing booklet, it is space. At White Rabbit, our designers can develop interesting and engaging concepts and ideas that will make unique and innovative use of the space in your booklet.

Make sure the print material doesn’t let you down. Present your highly engaging and visually stunning design on high-quality paper to articulate your message flawlessly. Finishing touches and attention to detail are important in booklet design.

Make it easy for readers to get in contact. Your booklet will have a purpose and goals that you want to achieve. One of those goals is likely to be encouraging readers to contact your business if they are interested in making a purchase. So, make it clear and simple how the reader can do this.

Booklet design Auckland

With our booklet design services you get the complete package


Modern, attractive, and highly engaging – these are just some of the things you can expect from the booklet we design for your business. It will effectively communicate your message too.


We’ll tailor your booklet according to your requirements, including the design, branding, and content. We also tailor the size, orientation, paper type, and finish.


Once the printing work is done, we’ll conduct a quality inspection, and we will complete any final production processes before dispatching the booklets to your location with free delivery.


The layout of booklets is central to not only the design, but the experience that people have when reading them. We’ll make sure the layout of your booklet is professional and compelling.


Booklets are sophisticated, visually striking, and elegant marketing materials, so print quality is extremely important. At White Rabbit, we use the latest printing technologies and practices.


Is your objective for the new booklet to increase sales, enquiries, or leads? Our creative team has extensive experience developing booklets that help businesses win new customers.

We collaborate with businesses all over New Zealand to deliver exceptional booklet design

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