Graphic Design Services

We provide world-class Graphic Design services for businesses of all sizes throughout NZ. Our cutting edge Branding, Print and Digital solutions are sure to get customers talking about you and to you. Explore the Graphic Design services we can offer your company below.

Our creative and effective Graphic Design services take NZ businesses to the next level

The unique blend of our expertise and experience across the world of branding, digital and print enables us to provide phenomenal graphic design services which transform brands and organisations. Work with us and you’ll be opening up new possibilities, inspiring audiences and attracting customers to your business in no time.

We’re creative professionals who are passionate about creating work that not only looks amazing but also showcases your company in the best possible light. You can rely on us to provide the highest standard of graphic design services while delivering our work on time and on budget. We keep up to date on trends and developments in the industry too, ensuring the work we produce for your business follows best practice, looks cutting edge and remains relevant.

Our graphic designers have a sickening habit of working hard to keep our clients happy. Also a habit of pretending the microwave is a bomb and stopping it at 0:01 like we’ve just saved the office. Luckily, our talents extend beyond staffroom shenanigans.

We deliver exceptional service and are always happy to answer any questions in a timely manner. We’d like to think that our captivating graphic design skills and our commitment to unbeatable service is why many of our clients stick with us. From start ups to large corporations, we’ve earned an exceptional reputation for our graphic design services throughout New Zealand.

Graphic design services - graphic design

Graphic Design

Express your company’s message in a visually powerful way. Our graphic design services are here to grow your business and get results. We create unique and compelling designs that drive home your key messages to your customers. From packaging to websites, our graphic design services are far-reaching.

Logo Design

We work with inspiring NZ companies to create effective, memorable logo design that connects with customers and gets your business noticed. Our skilled graphic design team will meticulously go over every little detail of your logo design. From the colour palette to the typography choices, we’ll ensure every element contributes to the tone of your brand.

Graphic design services - logo design
Graphic design services nz - website design

Website Design

Lead your industry with White Rabbit’s website design services. We create user-friendly websites that focus on the audience they’re intended for. This translates to engaging experiences that bring in more sales and more leads. Beautiful graphic design coupled with impeccable programming means your website will be a powerful extension of your brand.

Business Cards

Blow clients away with stunning business cards. At White Rabbit, we understand the impact a beautiful business card can have when you’re meeting prospective clients. It represents you and your company, so make sure it’s something to behold. With our high quality graphic design and printing services, your business card is sure to impress.

Graphic design services - business card design
Graphic design services - brochure design

Brochure Design

Carry your business out to the World with a tactile, engaging brochure design. Maximise your impact with an eye-catching cover, compelling content and an enticing call to action. Our full range of graphic design services will see your brochure through from start to finish. Together with the highest quality paper stocks, we’ll ensure the finish exceeds your expectations.


Catch your customers eye, hold their attention, be instantly recognisable and drive sales. Our effective packaging design services can can achieve all that. You spent a huge amount of work getting your product right. We’re here to make sure the packaging does it justice. Our graphic designers craft compelling visuals that entice customers to choose your product over competing options.

Graphic design services - packaging design
Graphic design services - illustration


Custom illustrations are an effective way to captivate your audience and add personality to your printed or online material. Unique illustrations have the power to completely redefine the tone of your brand and remain in the forefront of your customer’s minds. From fully illustrated characters to clean and modern icons our illustration services can enhance your marketing message.

Poster Design

We design posters that stop passers-by in their tracks. Our eye-catching graphic design in a large format can make a huge statement. Try grabbing attention with high impact posters, customised to impress. Whether it’s an event, a promotion or driving customers to your website, our poster design services can provide perfect exposure for your business.

Graphic design services - poster design
Graphic design services - menu design

Menu Design

In any restaurant, bar or cafe a menu acts as the silent assistant that sells for you. With exceptional graphic design, a menu enhances your brand and creates a connection between the customer and the restaurant. We serve up delicious menu design to complement your culinary creations, showcase your restaurant’s personality and set the tone for the dining experience.

Graphic design services that will bring your brand to life

Take your idea from concept to production with our super-fuelled graphic design services. Our experienced team will help you establish a professional and unique look that sets you apart.

We devise thoughtful creative that expresses the story you want to share. Essential visual elements such as layout, typography choices, illustration and colour palette are then composed in a way that will deliver maximum impact. Having a full scope of graphic design services under one roof means we can provide consistency across all your materials.

We offer our cutting-edge graphic design services throughout NZ to clients in a range of industries; We’re as versatile as our clients are varied.

Work with White Rabbit and we’ll show you how innovative graphic design, clever branding and compelling visuals can deliver results for your business.

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