Captivate your customers with unique illustration that communicates your company’s core message, adds personality and brings your overall vision to life. From icon design to the development of full illustrative brand styles, our creativity and expertise is sure to take your business to the next level.

Custom illustration services

With a custom illustration, you can leave the overused, generic stock images behind and have beautiful, engaging graphics that complement your business. They can bring your brand to life by adding interest, building a mood and evoking feelings that capture the imagination of your target audience.

Our style is unique and adaptable and our heads are bursting full of ideas, just waiting to get out. We’re experts at creating personalised vector art, images and graphics that are in line with your brand strategy. And since it’s original artwork, it’s designed to fit perfectly on your website, brochures, and other marketing collateral.

Utilising illustration gives you a real opportunity to create something that is memorable and differentiates you from your competitors. It can also help to create a sense of identity and familiarity for your customers. Our distinctive and tailored styles can tell your story, motivate your prospects and enrich your campaign.


Illustration on brochure for nz banks

We turn your idea into a tangible illustration that tells stories, enhances brands and persuades customers. Our perfectly executed, creative solutions are sure to make a real impact.

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Gold and black coffee illustrations designed for takeaway cup packaging

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illustration of a vegan meal bowl with shades of green and orange


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Mother feeding her baby in a modern flat illustration design style


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Isometric illustrations in NZ


Colourful infographic illustration of people enjoying a community environment

Nelson City Council

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Fuller House

Illustration, Poster Design
Illustration of cartoon sheep messing up filing cabinet

Farm IQ

Illustration, T-shirt Design, Tote Bags
Company illustration in Auckland



Chris Baran

Business Cards, Illustration

Our illustration process

  • The process starts with discovery. We ask questions. We take a lot of notes. Defining who your brand is, your business goals, and target audience is key. Our team will research every detail of your project before we begin because we want to capture the essence of your ideas and core message in our illustrations.

  • Our Illustrators are now ready to unleash the power of their creativity. From pencil sketches to digital finished art, we get to work on creating a visual style that perfectly fits your brand and culture. Style, colour scheme and the look and feel are given careful consideration until you have a beautiful polished illustration that fits your company’s image.

  • Once we’re happy with the artwork we’ll present it to you for feedback. We work closely with your team on any necessary revisions to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final artwork.

  • Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll deliver all the final high resolution digital assets that you’ll need for your project. Now your vision has been brought to life, you’ll be ready to captivate your customers with the final result.

The benefits of illustration

Illustration offers many benefits, with endless possibilities. It has the ability to tell a complex story with ease. It has the power to bring mundane data to life. It can be a fantastic way to generate awareness and help your brand stand out.

An illustration provides a lot of flexibility, and we can work with you to design an image that matches your business and builds on a cohesive style and message. Whether you’re wanting to convey an abstract and conceptual idea or create a range of new products, we can deliver creative, visually engaging design with real impact.

With attention spans decreasing, the demand for eye-catching and engaging illustration has grown. By harnessing the power of our illustrators you can add personality and imagination to your communication, creating a real connection with customers that will truly thrive.

Why businesses use illustration

Businesses use illustration in many different ways to boost their marketing. We get to work for clients on custom icons, packaging, infographics and other bespoke illustrations. Our designers are always excited to put pen to paper (or screen!) and turn your ideas into a reality.

Whether you need to set the tone of your brand, guide people through instructions, or motivate your customers, our illustrations are a great way to communicate your big ideas. We have the expertise to create a visual style that perfectly fits with your company’s brand and culture.

Our commercially aware designers have the unique ability to balance the reality of business requirements with insightful and engaging illustrations. The results are unique, captivating visuals that not only convey your core message, but raise your business profile and remain in the forefront of people’s minds.

Illustration in green shades for eco company

Illustrating our point

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is definitely true when it comes to great illustration. It all depends on the picture though. You want something that resonates and connects with people, across many verticals. Our attention grabbing illustration is tailored to suit your needs.

Different illustration styles can be used to reflect a client’s brand. For example, clean, geometric style infographics might best represent a tech company, while hand drawn, softer illustrations could be used to reflect the ideas of an organic food brand.

When you have a complex or abstract idea to get across, sometimes a photo won’t do the trick. This is when illustration can become a very useful tool. It means we’re no longer limited to things we can take photos of. We can create new worlds with dynamic stories and charismatic characters, across a wide range of styles. There are no limits to what can be expressed.

With our illustration service you get the complete package


We design engaging illustrations that add personality to your communication. It can provide visual appeal, charisma, humour, and bring a more human touch to bland marketing material.


Communication is key. Before we put pen to paper, we ask all sorts of questions to get to know your company and how best to illustrate your unique voice. We’ll to talk you through the whole process.


Illustration can be a fantastic way to help your brand stand out from the competition. Let us use our creative, unmatched skills to ensure your business leaves an impression on customers.


One benefit of illustration is that it’s customised to suit your brand. It combines your message, your style, and your culture with a fresh, one of a kind design that renders your company unmistakable.


Branded illustrations give you the opportunity to create a fresh, memorable style. We have the skills to bring your company’s graphics to life and create something that differentiates you from others.


The right image can help your company to simplify and fine tune your messaging. From complex ideas, charts, diagrams and more, we communicate your message in a simple and engaging way.

We collaborate with businesses all over New Zealand to deliver exceptional illustration

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