Menu Design

Enhance your customers dining experience with a menu design that looks as good as your food tastes. Our custom menus have become effective selling tools for restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels alike. Increase sales, maximise your profits and turn one-off customers into loyal regulars.

Menu design as tasty as your dishes

You deserve a menu design as delicious as the food you serve. While our cooking skills most likely aren’t anywhere near as good as your chef’s, we can create a appealing menu that’ll make your visitor’s mouth water. Your menu can often be a customer’s first point of contact with your business, so it’s important to get it right.

A menu is more than just a piece of paper. A well designed menu creates a connection with the customer. It speaks volumes about the quality of your food, your image and the level of your customer service. Our restaurant industry insight and design skills will not only set you apart from your competitors, but convey a lasting impression.

Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel, you more than anyone can appreciate the importance of quality presentation. Before a meal even touches the taste buds, its appeal relies on its appearance, and we believe the same approach should be taken with the menu design.


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Menu design for Asian restaurant in NZ

We serve up mouth watering menu design that’s as delicious as your culinary creations. Our menus are the perfect tool to whet appetites and entice purchases.

Our menu design process

  • The process begins with us finding out all about your establishment. We look at the personality of your restaurant, your customer base and more so this can be reflected. Our team will look at the content for your menu and make recommendations for size, style and paper stocks.

  • Our creative team will put their expertise to work to showcase your cuisine in the best possible light. We combine our knowledge of buyer psychology and design to create a beautiful yet functional solution. The result is a visually appealing menu that helps your customers to order and increases your profits.

  • This stage is where we make any required tweaks to the design concept that we’ve presented you with. We’ll take onboard any feedback you have or things you’d like to try a little differently in order to get to the final design solution.

  • When the final design has been approved, we’ll start the printing process. We’ll email you with a high resolution PDF menu that you can upload to your website and deliver the final printed menus, right to your door. You’ll now be equipped with a menu that looks so tasty your customers won’t be able to resist a bite.

Menu design that drives sales

Your customer’s journey starts with the menu design. In any hospitality business, your menu serves as a silent assistant that sells for you.

An attractive and thoughtfully designed menu can become the most powerful sales tool in your arsenal. We’re passionate about creating beautiful and effective menus that have the ability to increase sales and maximise your profits.

Our in-depth understanding of design and the psychology behind purchase decisions results in an effective menu that sells more. Strategic placement, colour and typography are skillfully used to direct attention to your most profitable items, promote up-selling and instigate repeat business and referrals.

Menu design can often be overlooked by cafés or restaurants. However, that piece of paper can have a big influence on whether people choose to eat at your dining establishment, and on how much they spend. We’re experts at creating menus that entice your diners, get them excited for their meal and improve your bottom line.

Menus for all kinds of restaurants

Your menu is far more than just a list of the dishes you provide. A good menu design not only shows your customers what you serve, it also tells them who you are. It should convey your restaurant’s personality, be designed to achieve your underlying goals, and ultimately entice customers to place an order.

If you’re a restaurant, café, bar or takeaway then make sure you impress your customers with our tailored approach to menu design. Whether you’re an upscale dining establishment in need of an elegant design, or a no-frills burger joint; we’re fully equipped to provide the perfect solution to display your items beautifully.

Every establishment is different. We start by listening. We learn about your business goals, the personality of your restaurant, your clientele and more. The result is a fully customised menu design that blends smart design and on-target marketing to build your brand, generate higher sales and keep customers coming back.

Menu design with retro American diner look

Menu design and print

At White Rabbit, we offer our clients a full menu design and print service. We take care of everything from the initial concept, right through to the final product being held in your customer’s hands. This allows us to provide quality control throughout the entire process and ensure that the end result achieves our intended vision.

The effectiveness of a menu is down to the design and the materials used. We have a wide range of menu styles, paper stocks and sizes to suit. We can print such things as simple A5 takeaway menus, high end restaurant menus with multiple pages, folded bar menus and more. Laminated coating can also be provided for extra protection and longevity.

By combining our excellent design and printing services, you’ll have a menu that you’re truly proud to have on display for your customers. And with an array of special finishes and embellishments on offer, we can give your menu a creative edge that really wows your customers.

With our menu design service you get the complete package


Menu design is your most vital sales tool. We use layout, text and graphics to guide your diners eyes to the dishes you want to sell more of and improve your profit through targeted sales.


We print with quality inks onto the best paper stocks to produce a quality feel, legible text and professional looks. Other embellishments such as lamination and coatings can provide extra durability.


First impressions are incredibly important. When you have a quality menu design it increases the perception of quality, and helps to communicate the atmosphere of your restaurant.


Each menu we create is fully customised to suit the look and feel of our client’s restaurants. Whether you’re a fine dining establishment or a family friendly cafe; we can craft the perfect solution for you.


The hospitality industry is a pretty busy one. So, once your beautiful new menus have been printed, we provide free delivery to all corners of New Zealand as an extension of our service.


We skilfully use typography, graphics and layout to produce results that create a lasting impression. With great design, it strengthens your brand identity and differentiates yourself from your competitors.

We collaborate with businesses all over New Zealand to deliver exceptional menu design

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