One Page Websites
A one-page website gets straight to the point. It showcases your brand and gives visitors the information they need so they can contact your business, sign up to your newsletter, follow you on social media, or any other action you prioritise. Our developers build one-page websites that get results.

Hop-notch one page business website design

One-page websites can be incredibly effective when used in the right situations. Plus, they are an affordable option if you need a new website for your business. This makes them ideal for start-ups, companies launching a microsite for a new brand, and a range of other situations. At White Rabbit, we’ll develop a one-page business website that will help you achieve your objectives. Whether you want a one-page start-up website, or you have an established brand, we’ll customise the design of your site to ensure it communicates the image and message that you want to get across to your customers.

Plus, a one-page website can have cool features that make it easier and more relevant to your visitors. This includes maps to your location if you want people to visit you in person, contact forms if you want people to get in touch, videos for more effective communication with potential customers, and much more. From simple design to a more complex solution, there is a wide range of options available in the field of one-page website design. However, it is important to remember that you need experienced website designers working on your project to get the best results.

When you hire us, your one-page website will look fantastic on all devices, it will run faster than we can hop, it will be secure, and it will be optimised for Google to give you a good starting platform for SEO activities. We’d love to chat with you further on your plans for a one-page business website and how we can help. Get in touch today.


One page websites
One page websites in Auckland NZ
Simple one page website design

With one-page website design, simple is a virtue. We will create a site that has plenty of substance while maintaining simplicity, all without compromising design or performance.

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Building contractor websites

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Clean and modern insurance company website created by our website designers


Our one-page website design process

  • We’ll spend time getting to know your business, your values, and your brand. We’ll also learn more about your products and services, and we’ll research your competition. If you need a domain name, we’ll help with the process of getting one. We’ll want to know your thoughts and ideas, too, including websites you don’t like, websites you like, and websites you love. Finally, we develop a timeline for the project.

  • The initial part of the design phase includes creating a colour pallet for the site and choosing the fonts. We’ll also develop the page’s layout and the order of content. We keep a focus on user experience and their journey to ensure the site delivers on your requirements. We’ll then bring all these elements together, creating a visually striking design.

  • Once you approve the mock-up, our developers will get to work building your one-page website in WordPress (for maximum flexibility) and developing the various elements. Crucial to this process is making sure the site loads quickly and looks great on all devices, particularly phones. We’ll also need content at this stage, including images and text.

  • When you have approved the site, we’ll get on with the techy part of launching it. We optimise all the settings and any redirects that are required. Then, the most exciting part – going live!

Simple one page website design

One of the major benefits of one-page website design is the simplified structure. In fact, website structures don’t get much simpler than one-page websites.

Our one-page websites still have the feel of a full website, with a navigation menu at the top of the page that links to content sections further down, known as anchor points. This navigational tool also improves user experience and increases engagement.

With a one-page website, it is super easy to organise your content, too, and it is just as easy for visitors to your website to find what they are looking for.

Plus, as the space available is limited by the one-page structure, there is a considerable focus on quality content rather than quantity. In other words, focusing on the points that really matter to your customers and will help them make a decision to engage with your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Our team is ready to hop to it once you give us the go-ahead. Let’s start the process by having a chat today.

12 benefits of one-page websites


You don’t have much space to work with on a one-page website, so you need to get to the point quickly. This ensures there is minimal superfluous content and helps visitors to your website understand what you do, why that is relevant to them, and why they should engage with your business further.


There is very little on a one-page website to distract users. So, visitors remain focused on the message you are presenting to them, improving engagement.


The above two points, combined with excellent website design, deliver better conversion rates for your business. This particularly applies if you want website visitors to call you or complete a contact form. At White Rabbit, we’ll optimise the conversion elements on your one-page website to get the best results.


Visitors using a phone can just scroll through a one-page website, rather than tapping on lots of links and clicks. This makes one-page websites ideal for your mobile visitors (who probably make up more than 50 percent of the people who access your site).


Without the distraction of having lots of content sections to fill, you can get straight into the essential parts of the story or message that you want to get across to the visitors of your website.


It is vital that websites load quickly, both for SEO and to ensure you offer the best user experience. With streamlined code and no unnecessary elements adding to load times, the one-page website the White Rabbit team will build for your business will load fast.


Clutter is the enemy of good website design, but one-page websites rarely have this problem as there is no space to add clutter. All you have room for are the critical elements.


One-page websites couldn’t be easier to navigate. Users can click the quick links at the top of the page or simply scroll through each of the content sections.


It helps with SEO if you keep your website up to date. This can be difficult when you have lots of content sections on your site, particularly when some of the sections are of dubious importance. With a one-page website, however, this problem is minimised as it is easier to update the content on a one-page site.


Let’s face it, the websites of your competitors probably all look quite similar, with a logo in the top left, a menu at the top of the page, and similar items in the menu, all of which bring you to a different page on the site. A one-page website lets you do something different, so your site stands out from the crowd.


One-page websites are generally less costly to build than websites that have multiple pages.


As there are few pages to design and code, a one-page website can usually be built faster than a site with multiple pages. This is especially beneficial if you need to get a website online quickly.

A one-page website is not a compromise, rather it is a website that can deliver significant financial, logistical, design advantages. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

One page business website

Get the Complete Package with Our One-Page Website Design Service


One-page websites are, by their nature, easy to use. The design of your website will enhance this feature, delivering a fantastic user experience on all devices.


One-page websites typically have more content than standard website homepages, so they must load quickly. We’ll optimise your site for speed.


Without lots of pages, it’s more important than ever to keep the messaging of your website clear and concise. We’ll use a clear design hierarchy to support your brand message.


Your one-page website needs to stand out and make an impact while also properly representing your brand. The design of your site will be attractive, clean, and modern.


Your website needs to deliver for your business, whether you want it to generate leads, sales, enquiries, or all three. Your new site will be optimised for results.


We’ll build your website in WordPress to give you maximum flexibility. This platform is easy to use, so you can update and change the site at your will, without the need for coding.

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