Poster Design

Make a big impact with intelligent, innovative, poster design that stops passers-by in their tracks. We design and print posters that get you noticed, encourage calls to action and connect with your audience. Reinforce your business's core message with creative and effective solutions. Free delivery NZ wide.

Powerful poster design in New Zealand

A poster can be a highly effective part of your overall marketing communications, providing they are designed well. We create posters that provoke an emotional response and connect with your customers in a way that’s both powerful and approachable. So, if you need poster design in New Zealand, contact us.

We work with our clients to break down complex messages into simple, inspired, and compelling design that demands attention and delivers results. Modern poster design is what you’ll get from us, so you can expect your poster to be fresh, clean, and effective.

Our cutting-edge tools, professional software and years of experience are sure to create a result that informs and excites your audience. Whether it’s for an event, service or product, our in-depth expertise means you can rely on us to deliver a poster that projects professionalism, attention to detail, and demands attention.


Poster design

We think big with visually stunning, high impact poster design that speaks for your business, stops your audience in their tracks and drives a response.

Our poster design process

  • We begin the process by working with you to gain a clear understanding of the key message for your poster. Our creative team will then work with you to suggest the best style, imagery and paper stock to capture your vision and appeal to your target audience.

  • Our poster designers will put pen to paper and work on initial sketch concepts. The design is then digitalised. We’ll pay careful attention to the typography, colours and images used. It’s important that your poster is both visually attractive and graphically consistent with your brand identity.

  • We’ll share the initial poster design concept with you and we’ll work closely with your team to further develop the creative direction. We’ll apply your feedback, offer our expert advice and make sure that your final product exceeds your expectations.

  • Your concept is then brought to life. Our unbeatable printing process takes place with the use of our cutting edge digital and offset presses. We’ll print your posters with rich, distinctive colours and impressive depth and clarity. Your top notch posters will then be delivered to you for free, anywhere in NZ.

Poster design that boosts business

We design posters that work for your business. When you have the right poster design, it can do a lot to boost your company and communicate your brand message. We’ll work with you to develop a stunning concept which tells your story and increases sales.

Our professional poster design helps to maximise your exposure. Over the years, our unique understanding of how poster design should work, combined with vibrant and effective ideas have helped our clients reach new audiences, convey key marketing messages and drive more sales. We’re determined to hit the mark and make your investment worthwhile.

White Rabbit will focus on the goal of your poster and and use our extensive expertise to move readers towards the call to action. Whether you want people to purchase tickets, visit a website or make a donation, we’re experts at creating on brand poster design that builds authority and drives business. Not bad for a bit of paper.

Posters; from call to wall

At White Rabbit, we take care of the entire poster design process. From the moment you call to the design and printing of the artwork, right through to having it ready to be put up on a wall. We know how to create designs that best utilise the print medium and we offer an expert eye on all print work, making sure you’re satisfied with the final result.

We keep you engaged throughout each step of the creation process in order to ensure the project follows your brand guidelines, captures your vision, and appeals to your audience. It’s important for us to know what your typical customer needs and wants, so we can produce a design that touches the right chord with them.

A poster printed on high quality paper stock will help you achieve your desired impact. So, we’re here to guide you through picking the perfect paper stock, size and finishing options. Utilising our cutting-edge printing processes you’ll be provided with an unbeatable print quality to spread your message with.

Comple poster design with clean and minimal look

Modern business posters in Auckland

When it comes to attracting attention to a large number of people, the humble poster can provide the perfect exposure for your business. Whether designed for a one off event or as part of a set of branded materials, posters are a great way of making a big impact.

Unlike other forms of promotion, posters can be used to get the attention of exactly the kind of people you need to be appealing to. You can put them up in ideal locations where your target audience will take notice of your business. For example, hang them up at malls, tradeshows, events or universities or any other spots where your potential customers might gather.

Poster design can provide many benefits for companies, including being highly versatile and cost-effective. They provide you with a lot of space to get your message across and attract your customers both inside and outside. The posters we design command attention and are bound to make your prospects sit up and take notice of your business.

With our poster design service you get the complete package


We use captivating design techniques to craft calls to action that convert. Whether you want to inform, drive sales or raise awareness, our posters are sure to encourage customers to take the next step.


Once your high quality posters have been printed, we’ll have them delivered straight to your doorstep, free of charge. You’ll then be ready to showcase your stunning new poster to the world.


Our goal with every poster design is to ensure it’s creative, engaging and memorable. We devise solutions that make your message stick around in the minds of your target audience.


When it comes to grabbing the attention of passers-by and encouraging them to look, you can rely on us. We create bold and striking designs that get your prospects to take notice of your business.


We’re experts at conveying your message through compelling visuals. We focus on the core message of your promotion and then aim to produce a design that communicates this succinctly.


Our high end printing services and quality paper stocks will ensure your poster achieves the desired impact. With vibrant colours and sharp designs, we deliver superior results that stand out.

We collaborate with businesses all over New Zealand to deliver exceptional poster design

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