Constructing a striking letterhead design

In collaboration with our friends at Cousins Construction, we designed a letterhead for their company. The result is stylish, bold and eye-catching. Perfect for capturing the attention of readers.

Building the brand

Cousins Construction came to us with a vision to establish a brand and company stationery such as a letterhead design. While the business had already been running for a little while with some key contracts, they realised they needed to step up their game and get something professional into place.

Our vision for the brand was to move away from the tacky, bevel and embossed looks of many other construction companies around NZ.  We instead injected a crisp, clean and modern feel into the letterhead design and accompanying assets. We kept the design slick, clean and simple.


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Letterhead design

A high end construction company requires a high end letterhead design. Our clean design combined with a luxury paper stock does just that.

Effective letterhead design

We used geometric shapes as a simple graphic device to illustrate the idea of building blocks and the connections that occur in construction. The geometric shapes also help to establish a sense of symmetry and balance. Obviously important qualities in the construction industry too.

Black panels at the top and bottom of the letterhead design provide a frame and a contrast with the white and bright blue brand colours.

With their professional, slick looking new letterhead, Cousins Construction have a simple but powerful new marketing tool that gives them a new sense of credibility when they approach contracts.

Letterhead design NZ

Reflecting their strengths

Triangles are known to be the strongest shape. We established a brand architecture based on this, that highlights the structural nature of the business while embracing a timelessly modern look. This in turn represented the modern thinking and design behind the buildings that Cousins Construction bring to the NZ market.

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